Ferret Lifespan

Ferret lifespan is on average from about 5-9 years of age.

If a ferret is properly cared for it is likely to live a healthier, happier and longer life.

Ferret lifespan depends on a few factors such as:

  • Genetics
  • Just like with humans part of a ferrets lifespan depends on how long their parents, grandparents, grand grand parents etc. lived for.

    • The Food They Eat
    • Ferrets are strictly carnivorous animals so it is vital to ensure that your ferret is getting all the meat it needs in order to live a healthy, quality life (ferrets bodies don’t produce the necessary enzymes that digest veggies and fruit – so it is best not to give it to them at all or only in minute quantities – if you want to give you ferret a treat try a rat, mouse or an egg yolk, they will love it!).

Also make sure your ferret has access to and drinks plenty of clean water. It does not take long for a ferret to die of dehydration .

  • The Care They Are Given Throughout Their Lives
  • The more you care for your ferret the happier it will be, thus leading to a longer life.

    • Diseases
    • If your ferret gets a disease and you don’t catch it early enough to treat, then your fuzzy might die prematurely. Check out the

Ferret Health

     page for a few more tips.

Most of the time, with proper care ferrets can live longer. I once knew a ferret that lived up to 13 years of age and she was a very happy little thing too! The owner always gave her tender loving care and made sure she was well looked after.

If you want your ferret to live a happy long life then I suggest you spend a lot of time caring for it. The more you know your ferret the greater chances you have of responding to any abnormalities and anything that’s not right.

Take care of your fuzzy wuzzy!!!


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